I have a beta, but it lacks any kind tutorial or onboarding. Should I:

Fernando Cordeiro
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Anirudh Sarangan
Or you could add a GIF in the Beta-User sign up page, just to give the Beta Tester an idea.
Fernando Cordeiro
@mrsarangan I'm made a little video tutorial with Bonjoro too, but the open rates have not been great
Johan du Toit
I'm in the same situation right now... not sure if I should get beta users or add proper onboarding. I'm leaning towards getting users first and doing some manual (i.e. email, maybe a call?) onboarding. Keen to see how this pans out.
Fernando Cordeiro
Btw, if you all want to sign up for beta, the link is: pluckd.co. The beta is connected to Stripe's test account, so it's all free. If a credit card is asked, just enter 4444 4444 4444 4444 and that will be accepted. 😊