How do see Customer flow in your app data?

Hello everyone, I think this is my first discussion post here. Yay! I wanted to ask you, how do you visualize your Customer flow. We know of Acquisition, Activation, Retention, etc. stages. We might name them different. So in usual apps they are typically: - User shared email for newsletter - User signed up to beta - They completed profile - Perhaps downloaded iOS/Android app - Made a purchase ... etc etc depending on your product How do you visualize this data. I am assuming your data is in MySQL/PostgreSQL etc. and that actions usually have a date/time stamp. Thanks for your thoughts, Sumit


Lucian Daniliuc
Very good first post, Sumit! :) I think it largely depends on what's your objective. For me, the "Activation" part is rather a level/percentage than a true/false, so that I can see (and target / contact) users that are less or more "activated" (engaged with the service).