How would you prefer to work after COVID-19 is over?

Aliana Blazer
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Work From Home
Offiice Work
50-50 (WFH and Office Work)
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I think I'd like something more flexible that all or nothing or even 50/50. Ideally I'd wanna work remotely and possibly do a week here and there in an office whenever I choose to or when big meetings / events are being held.
Web developer and Entrepreneur
Been working from home since before COVID-19 so I will do work from home afterwards. But there are pros and cons for working from home.
People should only go to office when required, that could be due to meeting or some special stuff that they cant have at home, also employees should be allowed to go home and work from there as soon as their work at office is done. It is a bit more planning but it certainly is best of both.
Product Manager @Softr
Wherever I feel like;). It's the true purpose of remote work.
Growth Marketing
I've been working from home for some time now, and while I wouldn't mind the occasional office visit, I'm more productive when working remotely.
Tall Dark and handsome....
Based on my job and job requirements, I'd be open to the option of working from home 2-3 days per week.
the keyword is "after"
Developer and entrepreneur
Been working from home for over 10 years, and don't plan to change that
Guest posting websites
I am working form home and i have a guest post website
I would definitely work from home. And occasionally visiting the office.