UI Preference Question - Tables or Cards?

Justin Hunter
2 replies
When presenting data in a clean, minimalist (or any) interface, do you prefer data to be presented as cards or tables? Quick example would be Google Docs. They allow you to decide to lay your docs out in card form or table form, but which do you prefer and why?


Amardeep Somal
Hi Justin! For me, it really depends on the need/context of the user. For example, as a Content Coordinator I prefer to use card layouts with dealing with visual elements (e.g. in folders with photo or video media in them) as it helps me to identify what I'm looking for quicker, and table form for documents or other data because of the file details. Another important point to add is the value of the end user being able to sort the data in either form. Sometimes on platforms it almost feels like you're being penalized for using card view because there aren't as many options to sort or filter. Hope that helps!
Justin Hunter
@ammosomal Great answer! Thanks so much. I tend to agree with you. This is why I always end up converting Google Docs layout to table view...even if they still don't give you good sorting and filtering.