What is the best product for secretly video-recording incidents?

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Can anyone please recommend a product that allows me to secretly video-record incidents, while I am outside and walking down on the street? The 2 main problem with using smartphone for video recording are: 1)People know that you are video-recording, and it makes people defensive. 2)It takes a while to start recording by turning it on, go to camera and press start. Following the sad incident involving Mr. George Floyd, I reminded myself of the power of using video for social change, and I want to learn what products are currently available in the market. Thanks


Andry Haryanto
Google launched a wearable camera called Google Clips back in 2017, then discontinued it in late 2019. The product feels very timely in our current environment. They seemed to have launched it 3 years too early and discontinued it 6 months too soon. https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/0... Similar products in the past were Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles sunglass https://www.spectacles.com/