B2B SaaS Founders/PMs - how do you manage account engagement / feedback post-sale?

Colin Ristig
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I've worked in B2B SaaS for a while and haven't found any solutions that are specifically designed for measuring + managing customer engagement at an Account / Company level. More specifically: • Measure company / account engagement - who's happy / might churn. • Track user engagement - understand who power users are 💪 • Collect feedback - Create custom segments based on user attributes (engagement, title, company, etc.) to get feedback on product / features. Is kind of link inverted Mixpanel: Bottom-up user analytics as opposed to top-down.


Dason Goh
Interesting, we face the same challenges and only gets feedback because we always ask for them in our welcome emails, account representative emails, and support tickets. We've built a culture where we will continue to ask our users for more even when their current issues are resolved. Would be interesting to see any solution tackling this.
Colin Ristig
@dasongoh Yeah, you described exactly how things worked at my last 2 b2b companies. I'll shoot you over some more details once we get a little further along in the ideation.