I just create an Android app which is a Downloader for instagram's Videos and photos.

Jassdeep Kaur
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There are more social media platform too in the app like Facebook, tiktok & whatsapp status saver. So i want to know about is this app works. Link is : https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Yes this idea works
No this doesn't work


I am a blogger.
I have one tool for that too. That is Instagram Story Viewer. Must try this one.
I am a blogger.
Sometimes there are situations when you want to watch stories anonymously https://gfe.gg/instagram-story-v... in this case, such a resource comes to the rescue. I think it's extremely convenient to be able to watch other people's stories, even without having an Instagram account. And the fact that there is a development that allows you to do this is very cool! I use it myself, I advise you.
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I also once made a similar product for marketers who work through various social networks. This was supposed to simplify their work and add some automation. I then found developers on the site https://devico.io/hire/android who helped me