Do you know Jim? He may be here as well, with the different username. That would be so Jim

Bruno Raljić
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Hi Makers, can you help me find one account here on Product Hunt. I know he used alias Jim a lot, but probably it's something else here. Would really like to get in touch again so I would appreciate if you tag that acc in the reply. Who knows, let's gamble with the power of networking people. I'll write what I remembered about him, maybe it rings a bell in your head. I know that he doesn’t like to be tracked. Using incognito mode when searching for things he wants to buy, staying away from algorithms that will suggest him what to buy next. Using ad blockers as well. Jim also has three, or maybe four email addresses. I remember he was telling me he is using each email address base on the purpose of interaction. Is it for a subscription, direct contact or just regular spam. He also has fake accounts on social networks. The reason for that is that he would like to follow or like some edgy things. Sometimes it would be too much revealing, too much information he doesn’t want to share with his relatives, friends, or his boss. That's why I'm searching here as well. Who knows what Jim is hunting here. Another thing I remember is that he really hates when you have everything about you aggregated in one place. What you like, where are you going, what are your interest. It's all at the fingertips, available to unknown people. Now that you know Jim a bit more, imagine how it is for him to stay up to date with all the the things he’s really interested in. And I mean all, including those which could lead other people to judge Jim. That was his way of doing things. Until Jim met Bee! It was a mobile app. The advertising text for the app claimed that you don’t need to provide anything personal, no emails, no phone numbers, no social network profiles. Scan the QR code and you’re good to go. You'll receive infos and nobody will know about you. So he gave it a try. Jim doesn't like registrations. How many times you wanted to try something and then registration pops out? So this whole thing of subscribing to something just by scanning a QR code was amazing for him. Jim started noticing Bee QR codes everywhere. I remember he told me he saw it even in cinemas. He kept talking about thrillers as it was the only movie genre that exists. But he was especially excited seeing it in retail shops in his city. He would never leave an email address for advertisement newsletters just to find out when is the next discount for some summer wear. Not like Jim is going to vacation anywhere this year. Damn COVID. It also meant for Jim to get updates about rival company meetups. He's not really comfortable following them publicly. Jim’s boss would sometimes analyse what his employees are doing on social networks. And they have really good speakers from time to time ------ We believe that... there are lots of Jims out there. You may know a Jim or two. You might be a Jim. Raise hand if you recognise your behavior. If you liked the story, and would like to hear more about it, go to to check what we're doing. Also, follow me if you want to get update when we launch on PH. We even have a newsletter (oh, irony) on the website, so feel free to stop by. Thanks for reading, Bruno


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