I have a product idea for the eSports market, but I have no idea where to start.

J Sleepless
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Does anyone have any actionable advice and/or tips to help me bring my product to life? eSports is growing rapidly and that presents a lot of opportunities for different niches in its market. I think my product idea and its design is a niche that will be capitalized on eventually. I want to be the first to get the ball rolling because I am big into eSports and I love competitive gaming and competitive sports in general. If someone could help me get the ball rolling on this, it would potentially change my entire families life forever! Leave a comment below. Thank you for reading and taking the time to provide value if you do so.


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Hey @j_sleepless, as you say, esports is booming. If the niche of your product is as you described it then I advise you to give physical life to your product by going to sporting competition events to meet your customers or even your future collaborators to exchange about your product and get a feedback I hope this will help you. Good luck ! Keep Going
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Let's start with telling us what the product is and also the niche?