How Much Do You Value An App Install?

Zaid Muhtaseb
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Hi! I'm trying to figure out what the lower and upper bound value that startup founders are willing to pay per user acquisition? Thank you!


Lorthemar Theiron
I think you're approaching this a little wrong. There's no set value a founder would pay for an install. It really depends on the niche of the app. Some apps have higher LTV values compared to others but they convert poorly. These apps usually need high-intent users who will also have a high retention rate. These users bring in a lot of cash but are more expensive. On the other hand, there are other apps, especially causal games, that attract a lot of low-quality traffic that uses the app for a very brief time. These users don't bring in too much money. So, founders of these types of apps would require you to bring the most installs with the least amount of spending. Your only way is to understand the market and how each of your clients operate, LTV of their users, and a strong grasp of the ad networks involved in each niche. Hope this helps.
Zaid Muhtaseb
@lorthemar_theiron Awesome, you're a hundred 100% right. This being said, by identifying the actions that founders ask their use to perform, the founder can estimate a target user acquisition value that matches the value of that action being performed. Would love to connect further with you on this, what would be the best way to chat further?