*Requesting all students*

Edwin Carbajal
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Would you pay a subscription for an all-in-one desktop/web application catered to students? What options would you love to have if this existed?


Edwin Carbajal
Accepting all feedback, not only from students :)
Giorgio Groß
As former student and founder of a startup focused on students, I learned that students don't really have much money and are not willing to pay any subscription fee in times where you get Spotify for 5€ per month (and most of the students I know don't even buy it because they think they should save money). I think this is not true for all students, but you really need to provide clear value out of competition if you want students to pay; e.g. it has to make their life so much better that they will ask themselves how they were able to get along without it. I also experienced that (few) students were willing to pay for good services. These are also the ones who are likely to pay twice as much for their lunch etc. but that was the minority.