Don't call in sick for a hangover

Kelvin T.
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Ever called in sick because you might have overdone it the night before? Share your experience.


Jane McCoy
Oh yeah. Just called in sick lol. Gave a diff reason.
Giuliano Dore
I had the opposite experience. When I was working in Toronto I had food poisoning one night and I was not feeling well at all. I decided to call in sick the next morning. Here comes the funny bit. In french, food poisoning is called 'intoxication' ; my English not being great at that time I thought I could translate it literally, so I sent a message to my manager on Skype saying 'Hey, just got intoxicated last night, can't work today, ttyl' and went back to bed for 6 hours. I got lucky my manager was absolutely chill and understood when I told him. The team roasted me for quite some time. Call in sick if you are not feeling well. Might be best to not mention alcohol tho. 😅
Kelvin T.
@giuliano_dore Hahaha Good one. That's funny lol. And yeah I wouldn't mention liquor as the reason for calling in sick.