Do you want a practical course for GSAP (Greensock Animation Platform) ?

Bhakti Pasaribu
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Hey makers, I'm a front-end developer with 4+ years experience building websites using GSAP. For you who are not familiar with GSAP, it is a web animation engine for creating complex animations. The websites I built using GSAP were for my clients and production-ready (not prototypes). I've been researching a bit about the GSAP courses online and I only find a few, the most famous one is probably His GSAP content is quite old and only covers the basic functions. I want to build a GSAP course that is applicable to build real-life UI animations that you often see on awwwards websites. The end goal of this course is so that you can build complex UI animations. What do you guys think? If you're a web animation fan like me, is this course something you want to watch and potentially pay for? Thank you!
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