How were you able to start + grow your initial user-base?

Jake Dewar
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Hi all! I recently launched a social platform specifically tailored around creating, joining, tracking, and crushing goals with friends. One of the biggest struggles I'm currently up against is getting registered users, and growing the user base. This question may best be suited for folks in the app and digital community space, however: What were some of the methods you used to build out and adopt the first few hundred or so users to your app, community, or platform? Thanks!


Steven Leon
Currently, sending cold emails to potential customers and 3 signed up for our beta. Secondly, I must say content marketing - writing a couple of blog posts and trying to consistently keep doing that. Last, have been working on a mailchimp automated newsletter series with relevant content that users will engage with. of course doing things that don't scale, i.e., offline events, meeting folks in cafes, handing out business cards/postcards, etc. I like the Hello Bar tool that can integrate with your landing page to capture emails to build your list. Hope this helps a little!