New social media platform - looking for beta testers :)

Hamish Richardson
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Hello Product Hunt Community - I just found out about this website but am excited to be part of the entrepreneurial network! We've got a new social media platform that we have designed to disrupt the existing monopoly, promoting greater positive engagement from users. Our App is targeted at GenZ. It enables 15s video only conversations and challenges. We have just released our App to a closed beta user group in the UK, US and Australia and have on-boarded influencers who create video content alongside users. We are looking to expand our Early Adopter Community - the more feedback the better. Please message me if you're interested!


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Why not?
Analyst in Founding Team of YurOn
Hey @henriquechappuis - awesome, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback - I've just added you on LinkedIn so we can get you on the App (need your email address).
Analyst in Founding Team of YurOn
@henriquechappuis just emailed you - be warned it may be hiding in your spam folder :(