What to consider when launching an app in the USA from Germany?

Steffen Karcher
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We are a startup from Germany and currently we are figuring out if we can deliver our mobile app to the USA. Is there anything important to consider when doing so, i.e. in terms of privacy / export of software or data / storing data both in USA and Europe?


President, Paradigma Software
If you are already selling into neighboring markets, you have already had to contend with privacy standards which are greater than that in the USA. Where you might find problems is on the specific platform in regards to encryption. Apple for example has finally started asking about encryption methodology that can get hung up selling into countries like France. You probably won't have any issue with that as the US has historically only focused on exporting encryption technologies. Your biggest challenges are likely going to be what you would expect - marketing into a foreign market where you might not be so aware of the competition or possible cooperative relationships. But then, a lot of app developers start without having much of a clue about that anyway.
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@lynnfredricks okay thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, marketing will probably be the biggest problem as it also was before. But it sounds like we could mainly focuse on this one regarding your response! this would already make it easier for us :)