How minimum is too minimum for an Mimimum Viable Product?

Ahmed Hamid
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Hello all, So I am not much of a product guy, I will get that out right up front. I am however good at helping people make breakthroughs about themselves, like real good, like Buddha if he was a middle manager at a fairly success tech company. Anyway. I have developed a document that is built around this exercise I do with people to help them figure out what they really want out of life. It helps with: -Career paths -Decision making -Overall clarity because you know where you are going in life. The issue is: -It is a Dropbox document. I do not have a need to charge for it, or collect email addresses or any of that jazz. The question is: Is this single document too minimum of a product to post to product hunt? Thank you!


Marat Chukmarov
Hi,@ahmedmyf! I would say, "go for it". As far as I remember, Dropbox had view options, so for people, struggling in search of the path, that could be a solution. There can be some formalities, like the required description and a couple of screenshots, but personally - when it's useful, it's enough. Will follow to see, what you would do, waiting, thanks
You're in a great position to launch and gather feedback. If your document is useful, it could go in many different directions to become a product. You need user input to figure out how useful it is, and the core need it solves. I would encourage you to collect email addresses, if nothing else then to have a list of people willing to give more feedback as you figure out your direction.
Ahmed Hamid
@tela that's a good point, this is not a product I want to monotize directly but I do want to do some A/B testing of ideas
Giorgio Groß
Agree with all the other comments - focus on what is really needed for your case and get feedback as early as possible with minimum upfront effort. Just make sure it provides some kind of value (I'm personally a fan of SLC as MVP: Small, lovable and complete). Have you seen how @rrhoover developed the Makers feature of PH? reminds me a lot of your approach ;) After all, I think products are not about selling raw features but about experiences and services instead; depending on what it is I think a Dropbox doc is already sufficient to test an idea.