I can do couple of UI/UX Screens for free.

Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
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Hello PH community! I am good at designing product screens [both mobile and Web]. I have planned some break time to work on other interesting ideas. I built Orcaso.io in early 2018 and now working on Habitate.io. I am good with the design - you can take a look at my works https://dribbble.com/parachute_o... but no so great with front end coding πŸ˜…, so I will share XD or sketch files. Please note I am not charging for my work, in search of interesting ideas and people to connect with. I will try to do this on weekly or biweekly terms based on the community needs.


Sridhar Ramasami
Hey Deepak, Just saw your comment. Is your offer still open? :-)
Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
@sridharramasami Hey Sridhar, It's been a while. I will do it again sometime (maybe next week), watch out for my post.