Advise on launching on ProductHunt.

Pravin Uttarwar
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Hey, I am going to launch Codegrip on ProductHunt in the coming week. Is there any pointers I should keep in mind to optimize my launch?


Andrew Tye
Don't get too fancy with title or descriptions - just tell people what it is/does in plain words.
Pravin Uttarwar
@awt Would running an ad on the launch day be an advisable to get traffic to my post?
Andrew Tye
@pravin_uttarwar3 I don't when I launch. Probably more effective to get a few folks on a waitlist that you can inform when you launch. If you have an ad strategy that is effective I'd use it to get people directly to your site, not to product hunt. @producthunt Ship is good for getting a few people before launch
Wayne Smallman
Hi! I'd share the actual link, but the auto moderation in the comments has stopped me, so do a Google for: "How to Launch on Product Hunt" and look for the official page on Medium.
Max Mirho
There are some great guides on Medium - but you may want to consider finding a hunter if you haven't already. That's been the biggest piece of advice I've learned.
Pravin Uttarwar
@maxmirho1 So I did read a few blogs and it said that the hunter of the product does not have much importance anymore.
Gordon Campbell
Please learn from my mistakes. I'm new to Product Hunt so I didn't know how it worked when I submitted my travel website: Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how good or bad a project is, it all comes down to upvotes. In my case, I submitted my project at the end of the day when other projects already had a lot of upvotes. This meant that my project was lost at the bottom and hardly anyone saw it. I'm not saying my project is better or more worthy than any other, but it just didn't get a lot of views. So my advice is to post early. You won't get squashed at the bottom. If you have some time, please check out my project! And good luck :)