Image-Charts updates - May 2020

Hello Makers πŸ‘‹ ! I wanted to share with you some works I've done in the past weeks. It would be awesome if you had some feedback on it and suggestions on what should I do next :) ## Official SDKs ### Any rubyist πŸ’Ž out-there? The official Image-Charts Ruby library is there! ```bash gem install image-charts ``` ```ruby require 'image-charts' const pie = ImageCharts().cht('p').chd('a:2.5,5,8.3').chs('100x100'); pie.to_url // "" pie.to_file('/path/to/chart.png') // nil pie.to_data_uri // "..." pie.to_blob // binary string ``` Generating charts in Ruby in order to embed them inside emails or reports has never been easier! ### Java β˜•οΈ Ever wanted to sent image charts from Springboot? The official Java library is here! ``` com.image-charts image-charts ``` ``` import com.image.charts.ImageCharts; ImageCharts pie = new ImageCharts().cht("p").chd("a:2.5,5,8.3").chs("100x100"); pie.toURL(); // pie.toDataURI(); // ... pie.toBuffer(); // BufferedImage ``` ### Python 🐍 The official Image-Charts Python library is here! ``` pip install image-charts ``` ``` from ImageCharts import ImageCharts pie = ImageCharts().cht('p').chd('a:2.5,5,8.3').chs('100x100') pie.to_url()) # pie.to_data_uri() # ... pie.to_binary() # b'\x89PNG\r\n\x1a\n\x00\x00... ``` ### 🐘 PHP & JavaScript/NodeJS ⚑️ Good news! We started to release official libraries for Image-Charts. The first two are JavaScript/NodeJS and PHP! ``` npm install image-charts --save ``` ``` composer require image-charts/image-charts ``` ## 3 improvements to QRCodes: colors, SVG output, no watermark! We know lot of you use Image-Charts API to generate large numbers of QRCode https://documentation.image-char... ) on the fly. We've got 3 news for you: - πŸ’Ž No watermark: everyone can now generates watermark free QRCodes! - 🎨 Customize Background and Foreground colors (https://documentation.image-char...): black and white is nice but what about other colors? Two new parameters let you customize background color `icqrb=` and foreground color `icqrf=`. - πŸͺ SVG Output: until now QRCodes were rendered as `PNG`. We've added support for `SVG` output (https://documentation.image-char...) as well. Use `chof=.svg` to do so. What is the next improvement you would you like to see? ## 🎚 Generate graphviz chart as png Graph Viz Charts ( https://documentation.image-char... ) are the perfect representation to organizational chart, model state machines, and any relation-based chart. Until now Image-Charts supported only `svg` output and many of our users asked for `png` support for broader compatibility. Starting today, every graphviz chart https://documentation.image-char... outputs `png` by default. For those you wish to still use svg output, use the `chof=.svg` parameter. Learn more: https://documentation.image-char... ## The end. For now :) What's the next most important thing I should do?


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