What feature should we build next for Heurix?

Katie Kelly
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We launched Heurix.io only a few days ago. But are already thinking about where to take it next. Heurix is a free tool that helps you evaluate websites in terms of UX, CRO and consumer psychology. We've got some great feedback and a lot of ideas but aren't sure which features to build next! I'd love to hear from anyone who works in UX, Design, CRO or anyone who's involved in improving websites. Which of the following would add the most value to you? Would you consider paying for any of the following features? 1) Extention questions covering specific site types and areas e.g Ecommerce, SAAS, Mobile, Accessibility. 2) Ability to add team members who all conduct the evaluation and then the tool aggregates the scores. 3) Downloadable Powerpoint report. 4) Other feature not listed above.
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