Where does data quality need the most attention in today's business?

Martin Knapic
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Hi, I am Martin, enthusiastic product manager - trying to launch a product that will solve the problem of data quality. We are building collaborative data quality solutions that will support teams with managing their data. Dirty data in, clean data out. That's our goal. In order to start successfully, we'll have to focus on a single problem first and try to find a good market fit. Where do you think we have more chances to score first?


Mahshid Hadadi
I think there are lots of good tools available for using data in marketing and there is no need to have clean data to work better. For example, "hengam.io" will automatically capture all behavioral in-app data is needed to predict wether a user will uninstall the app or not? what is his/her LTV? and the marketer can do the action using this insight, not the pure data!