Tool for free mobile app creation

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Our team has released an open source version of the mobile app Builder "Nwicode Free". The project is available for developers on github: and on our website: You can create IOS and Android apps without coding and programming skills. Share with us your feedback and comments, ask your questions and contribute to the development of the project. It's totally free!


Lynn Fredricks
Can I give you some advice? Have browser language detection on your website and default to English rather than Russian, and fix the graphics so that the Russian language ones aren't showing up on the English site. There is just enough suspicion about Russian governmental intrusion (but I would imagine not as bad as in China) that you will lose many non-Russian potential customers in the first few seconds.
@lynnfredricks Hi! Thanks for your comment. But we do not interfere with politics and our work. Yes, we have some problems with the English version of the site, we apologize, we will work on a fix, but as my team is from Russia, the main site should be in our native language.
Lynn Fredricks
@ruslan77 Hi Ruslan - I understand your perspective on supporting your native language, but if visitors first impression is that the company is Russian then you will miss out on a lot of sales. Clearly you recognize this because you are posting on Product Hunt. If you can get your browser detection working, that should fix most of the problem. Unfortunately, politics does play a role in international sales. As business people we have to adjust for it and minimize it.