What anyone be interested in using set of templates designed to help deliver a startup?

Alistair Berry
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I've been toying with the idea to create/collate a set of templates designed to deliver an idea to share with the Startup community. Basically creating a guide that moves through through the essential steps and provides example documents needed to deliver your idea; task breakdowns, Lean canvas, pitch deck, etc. In my day job as at a digital agency I spend most of my time is spent trying to convince businesses the importance of methodologies and processes to deliver long-term projects rather than just focusing on the next set of features. Most of the time I find providing them with a foundation to customise and update works better than just telling them what they need to do. So far I've been thinking of the following 'stages' (with a set of tasks and relevant documents ready to use for each). While it would focus on software-based startups, you could tweak it to your needs. 1. Ideation 2. Research 3. Validation 4. Business 5. Prototype 6. MVP


Andy Weston
This would be great, I have heard so many people put up a landing page and then call it an MVP, so I hear you on explaining to people what theses actually are.
Alistair Berry
@andy_weston Glad to hear! If you don't mind I might message you when I have an early version ready to get some feedback?