Has anyone used Superhuman's Product-Market fit engine?

Wyatt Anderson
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I was going through Superhuman's Product-Market fit engine (https://bit.ly/2Y7ntTA) and it is pretty amazing . I was wondering how many founders are using it for their products and which tools do they use to execute it?


Neil Wainwright
We use it at UpHabit and it was quite useful for identifying our core cohort of successfully converting and happy users of our Personal CRM. We do the survey in Typeform. I completely agree with the premise to go very narrow to start. You still need the seed of an awesome product though! :)
Wyatt Anderson
@neilwainwright Yeah I completely agree with the narrow start concept introduced by Paul Graham. I have few more questions for you (You can decline to answer though): - How did you get the users data to segment them i.e. if you segmented users based on job-title/industry, did you get that data from Linkedin or did you ask users about it directly in surveys? - Which tools did you use to execute the remaining part of the engine (i.e. after getting survey responses) and find actionable feedback i.e. did you write some script or did it manually? Thanks