Share the most useful tools for education projects!

Maxim T.
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Hey, PH! Quarantine is a great time not only to procrastinate but also to learn. 🤓 Which apps would you recommend for online educators and students?


César Lacombe
Hey Maxim ! It is not exactly an app but with a colleague of mine we are developing a product based on a connected totem that you need to touch with your phone to launch a workspace on it. In your workspace there is no more app that may distract you, you have a smart notification management system (you only get the critical ones) and you can follow your progress in productivity, focus capacity and wellbeing. The goal is to help people in developing new habits with their phones in order to feel better when they work. Let me know what you think about such a solution! I would be super interested to have your feedback :)
Maxim T.
@cesarl well, I'm all for any tool which can help develop better digital habits! If the messaging is right you can surely find the demand for it, César 🙂
Amanda Trincher
Now, each project has its own good projects or applications. For so many sciences like physics or mathematics, there are many videos on YouTube that could help you. I myself looked about math problem and it helped