Do you go shopping on Black Friday? What are some of the best deals you have gotten

Aaron O'Leary
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Black Friday is becoming bigger and bigger every year and often times it simply feels like I'm being bombarded with consumerism, I have never bought anything noteworthy at least what about you?


Herman Starikov
Black Friday for me is time to buy a new phone. 3 years ago I got a Google pixel. And yesterday I ordered a pixel 4 😁
Lanre Akinyemi
I wanted to get the Nintendo Switch but there are no *real* deals. I literally waited all this time for nothing 🙄
Inos Gun
Saya ingin mendapatkan ponsel baru
Umair Ashraf
XBox, Dell Monitor, Humidifier
Lindsay Fuce
I've always purchased holiday gifts on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but in recent years I started to drift more towards small business Saturday. It's made my gift giving more unique and has made me feel less driven by consumerism. Although I do have my eye on a Dyson deal that starts tomorrow!