What is the best website builder for light websites?

Orkhan Jafarli
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You can try Elementor https://elementor.com
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Once you start building a website, you realize you want it to be more complex than you though. Try WordPress (choose theme that's compatible with WPBakery plugin, and you can build it in no-time.
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Well, there tons of builders outside. I tottaly agree that elementor or some wordpress themes will fit for basicly any type business. Of course you'll have a learning curve (if you never used this before) but it will makes a huge difference when you start to grow. It will have payments? Lead capture? Costumer chat? etc. If you want use something without many features, you can take a look at Leadpages or Versoly.
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It depends on the website. Wordpress (offered by many website hosting companies) and Squarespace.com are very popular options.
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I am using wordpress on last couple of years. Could you please suggest something for lite websites? Speed is priority.
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In my opinion WordPress is the simplest and the easiest. If you do know anything about programming, this is very goodand usefool tool.