How your SaaS are managed in your company (purchase, license management, tracking, costs)?

Antoine Jagueneau
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Hi makers, After a first round of User Research, we started to develop a MVP of a SaaS Management Platform: Custodian ( Both for IT: automated SaaS discovery, users / SaaS mapping, admin console, tracking, request management, etc. AND Employees & Teams through an Employee App Store that gives them access to an App Store containing all SaaS used in the company (and validated by IT), that are accessible in one-click. WHAT'S NEXT? We are looking for feedback on our product and additional discussions with IT managers / teams on our product. If you are an IT Manager, or if you know IT that are in charge of SaaS management and are open to share their feedback, feel free to DM me or answer to this post :) Thanks makers <3
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