Would you prefer an app adds songs from Youtube to Spotify playlist?

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Let’s supposed that you listen a song/video clip on Youtube or on other channels(Vimeo, Soundcloud etc,). You would like to find it on Spotify and add it to your playlist. It would be nice to hear from you if you want to use an application which does it for you or would you prefer to open Spotify app, search the song and then add it to your playlist? I have created a Chrome extension integrated with it’s website which helps users to add the songs to Spotify playlist on behalf. Would you trust and use an application? or any further ideas are welcomed. Project: https://www.producthunt.com/post...


On My Deck
This is a cool convenient idea for getting songs from YouTube to your Spotify account. 👍🏻 I have worked on a similar but not the same (more of a social network style) product: Https://OnMyDeck.com Search for any song and you can open it on Spotify. If it has an official video you can watch it too.