How do you stay motivated when working on a solo project?

Yan Sidyakin
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Paul Nattapatsiri
Build your customer/community even before you have a product! Once you start pitching to the right audience there should be at least a few people who're willing to talk to you about the product you're making. Share it with those people and use his/her feedbacks as motivation to go on 😎
Kai Oelfke
I work alone on (side project). I have clear reasons and an intrinsic motivation. When I doubt myself or feel demotivated I go through all these points again to remember why I do this. I also don't try to rush it, but enjoy the process. Speaking with users, friends and other people is helpful to me as well.
Kalesh Kaladharan
You have to create a plan before starting any solo project. The plan should include clear realistic deadlines. Write each feature you want to have in the project and calculate how much time you need for completing them. Aim for each of them. Roadblocks can happen but tackle them ASAP putting in more effort and move forward with the next goal in the list. I learnt it the hard way. I used to start without any plans whatsoever and the projects were not making any progress. I kept on adding features to the projects one after another as I made progress. This is not good. You should have a clear idea of what all features you need before starting the project. Stick to this and release on time. You can always add features later. After started creating schedules for each feature I am making more progress these days. My past experiences also helps me in calculating a somewhat accurate timeline. All the best! 👍👍😀