What are some of your favorite products built with no-code?

Aaron O'Leary
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Hey everyone! Aaron from the community team at Product Hunt and one of my newest big interests is building with no-code, I'm always on the lookout for cool ideas built with no-code for discovery and also for inspiration, I'd love to get a thread going of all your favorites here, lets inspire each other!


Sandhya Ramachandran
@aaronoleary if magazines count, I love Brain Pickings by Maria Popova! :)
Dre Durr💡
@aaronoleary besides @bentossell products. I really have no idea what on the web has been built with no code.
Najmuzzaman Mohammad
@aaronoleary I have built go.venturebasecamp.co, a platform to assess entrepreneurs across 12 Critical Success Elements and then provide them a personalized roadmap to success using startup toolkits completely on a no-code platform called bubble.is. It is a closed platform and you can find more about it on venturebasecamp.co. If someone is interested, message me personally and and I can provide you a demo access.
Lisa Dziuba
@aaronoleary I love building useful learning resources on GitHub. You don't need to make a website or code, you can just use Readme file for the GitHub project. So it's very easy to share any knowledge you have and encourage the community to contribute. ✨ For example: 👌 Awesome Design Tools — 400 hand-picked design tools for every possible task you might have. Built with @valiahavruliyk and contributors: https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Aw... 👌 Marketing for Engineers — A curated collection of marketing articles & tools to grow your product: https://github.com/LisaDziuba/Ma... I think GitHub Readme projects are a good way of making "No-Code" things.
Valia Havryliuk
@aaronoleary @lisadziuba Absolutely agree. It was really fantastic to make such repo with useful resources without any code. And I am looking forward to creating amazing things with coda.io!