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Frank Steffen
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Hi everyone! I wanted to get your feedback on a new investment idea that we have been working on and that we started to open up for external users: The product focuses on a niche opportunity, i.e. providing crypto traders with short-term capital (e.g. USD) so that they can engage in leveraged trading. Traders can never withdraw the borrowed money from the platform and all of their positions are fully controlled by an automated liquidation system which makes it almost impossible that they can default on their loans (which are usually borrowed for 2-days maximum and highly diversified across traders). At the same time, daily interest rates compound to ~10-30% per year if your capital is utilized optimally. In order to solve that, we developed a software that automates and optimizes this lending process 24/7. Users hold USD only so they are not affected by crypto volatility themselves. Would be interested in your feedback! Thanks!
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