How do you handle an unsatisfied customer?

Saptharishi Suresh
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Today morning I got a customer complaining about our tool. His concerns were centred around the design and user experience. He seemed disappointed. I understand our platform came short of his expectations. Now I am trying to follow up with him to get the details like what he was trying to do, what was his expected outcome and what turned out differently. Btw, have you faced a similar situation in your product journey? Let me know how did you manage such a situation.


Shraddha Srivastava
You can try a session replay tool like Browsee ( to understand what went wrong with him and then try to fix that issue. You can easily see and understand what user is doing, how they are using your product, etc with Browsee.
Corey G ™
I offer a full refund if they aren't happy and also ask what features they are looking for. Then I add it to the backlog, and it comes up a few more times or if it seems like something I should do immediately, I implement the feature.
Fabian Maume
Session would help. Smartlook Qualitative Analytics is integrating with some customer support tools, so if the user give you his consent you can check how he was using your app. Unsatisfied customer can be a good source of feedback to improve your app.