How do you decide on new ideas?

Brandon Wu
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Both my co-founder and I have many random ideas, and often find ourselves diving right into development after we’ve come up with something new or novel or just quirky. A few months ago we decided to have a process to help us think through our ideas so that they can go further than just fun for us to build. Here is what we came up with — 3 criteria and 3 questions to answer for new ideas. ====== ### Criteria for projects and ideas - Ideas we are excited about. Gets us out of bed in the morning excited. - Something the customer pays for directly. Business model should be simple. Not relying on donations. - Start generating revenue from day one or from first non prototype/MVP version something we can at least relate to. Know who it is for. Who do we want to help? project is viral in nature, can grow organically ### To address on each idea - Who does this help? - How do we make money? - How will it grow organically? ====== (I've written more in detail about this on a blog post here: How do you filter your ideas? Anyone care to share how they think through new ideas?
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