Frazzled in Seattle

Catherine Crandall
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I'm frazzled for a few weeks now by an unexpected obstacle, so haven't checked in here for a while - I love the generosity of this Maker community. My good news is that I executed a contract with my first startup adviser for equity, someone with amazing experience delivering digital products at a Seattle-based Fortune 500 company...super excited about this! And there's more great news: I've also attracted a technical co-founder with an impressive resume. He's arranged his work schedule (he's currently an AWS instructor) to give him the time necessary to focus on our product engineering. He really "gets" the market opportunity. The market for nutritional supplement use is expected to reach $220 Billion by 2023 Here's the frustrating/frazzled part...along the way, I did business with a shady app development operation. My trust was misplaced, and I was not alone in being duped by them. Google "Mined Minds New York Times," and you'll find a slew of articles from different news sources about the destruction they caused. A principal behind Mined Minds has lately been impersonating me on Twitter, making LGBTQ attacks, reaching out to the VC community to schedule false appointments, offering to speak at events, even harassing my ex-husband. Why? Something is broken inside this person. I had been hoping that Twitter would act on it's impersonation and trademark protection policies and take down the fake accounts. At first, I invested a lot of time to properly report the offenses and authenticate myself, but this has not happened. So I wrote this and published it on Sunday: What do you think? What ideas do you have for me?
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