Some people make a chrome extension here ? Chrome extension deployed !!! Some feedbacks ?

Guillaume Sarfati
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Hello Makers !!!! I wanted to speak with other people making browser extensions to understand the market better, I just deploy my website, I am just asking for feedbacks ;) Save time, centralize your home hunting! One-click to remember: - the house šŸ  - the size of the house šŸ“ - the agent phone number ā˜Žļø - the property address šŸ“« - the website āœļø šŸ¤Æ Not in your brain, šŸ¤© on your Kelyst board!


Kaloyan Dobrev
@guillaume_sarfati First of all - Congratulation on releasing. For the website I like that is simple and to the point, but I little bit more text will be better. Because yours users of the extensions will most like come from to places - Google Search and Chrome Store Search from mine experience. Same thing for Chrome Store Listing - Add a lot more text and describe the benefits that come from the extension user when looking for the property. Update frequently the extension - this is good indication for Chrome Store ranking. Also with just modifying the manifest.json - you can add the extension to the Firefox Store and to the new Edge Store, this will give you backlink to your site. Also add a few pages like Privacy Policy and Terms of Use just for completion of the business look. When you ready don't forget to post to Product Hunt.
Guillaume Sarfati
@kokiweb Thank you for your answer! It's look like you already work on some extensions, we are totally fresh at this job I will check during the night for firefox and edge (I don't knew they provide backlinks)! For the text we plan to write more, our focus right now is to have feedbacks of the product itself! I really appreciate your feedback!