How do you write a privacy policy and a terms of use for your side project without a lawyer?

Jason Kim🗿
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I am working alone on a side project. I don't have any resources to hire a lawyer to write a privacy policy and a terms of use for the project. How do other solo founder create these two documents? Example:


Well it kind of depends on the complexity of your project. I suggest looking into something like Another great source is, but will require a bit more work as their legal documents are tailored to obide with UK law.
Laurie Hérault
At we have use open source policy from Basecamp :
In fact, all the privacy policies on many sites are pretty much the same and are in the public domain. So you can use it as a template, adding your own points. But still, it is better to ask for help from a qualified specialist who can help you. Once I was injured at work. I tried to convince my boss to give me compensation, but he didn't want me to. So I turned to personal injury attorney greensboro , and for a good reason. A good lawyer helped me quickly get justice.
mariku mari
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