Big fan of interactive story here. What are your favorite narrative 🎮 games ❓

Pierre Lacombe
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I've created Celestory, a nocode 🎮✍ game writing engine. If you wan to support us, 👉 Thanks 😉
Choose your own adventure book
Telltale's games (The Walking Dead, Wolf among us...)
Quantic Dream games (Heavy Rain, Detroit become human...)
Life is Strange series
Blackmirror Bandersnatch
Interactive romance app (Episode, Choices...)
Zork and retro parser games


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As much as the dialogue in Life is Strange sounded like a bunch of 40 years olds pretending to be kids, I have to admit that I became SUPER invested in the narrative. I still have the soundtrack on my Spotify now!
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I used to LOVE the 'choose your own adventure' books as a kid!
Great to see more game-focused products! :) I used Twine back in the day for one of my school projects, so good luck with your product! I'm curious why you chose these games as options. I played a lot of Telltale games and was never as invested in the characters/narrative as I was in some of the quest lines in Skyrim. If we are considering a more linear experience, I would say To The Moon (a short experience made in RPG maker) is still my favorite.