How do you notify users of new features?

Jess Solka
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I am trying to add a modal to notify existing users when I add a feature. Something like this one, for example: I was thinking there was probably already a service that did this but the ones I've found have been more like a 'What's new' button or feed of blog posts (e.g., AnnounceKit) and less like a modal announcing a single feature. Do you do something like this? Is it better to just have a 'what's new' button? Do people click those? Should I just roll my own solution? If I roll my own, what is the best way to track whether a user needs to see the modal or not? Something like a lastSeenAt timestamp, or a product version? Sorry for the barrage of questions - I am mostly just interested in other people's experiences of how they solved this problem. I had the awesome opportunity to speak to one of my power users a few weeks ago and it became clear I needed to do a better job of communicating new features.


Eugene Fedorov
You could check out Intercom's Product Tours or similar services (would be nice if you want to show major UI changes, for example). You could create a tour about your changes and trigger it on button click (yep, as simple as that). A cheaper approach would be to record a video and highlight main changes there. In this case it would also be really nice to pair the vid with a text version blog post.