Hi!, I'm trying to understand how PH works

Gabriel Perales
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I already did a launch of a subproduct just to check how I could launch something here. It was a disaster but I learnt a little bit about what not to do 😅. Now I have read the PH article about how to launch and seems like a good way to do it is getting an audience, have followers here... prepare a newsletter to send just before launching... Any other tip/things I should know about PH? Thanks!


Jana Cagorovic
@gperales just make sure you get the timing right, watch out for time zones on the day of your launch ( if you launch before the algorithm refreshes, you'll end up in the yesterday's section :) ) Find a Hunter (not necessary, but very helpful). Don't expect people to sign up to your product before the launch, help other makers during your preparations. Post your upcoming page in the discussions, and connect it to your goals (this way it'll be more visible). Good graphics (images, and video) for the launch day make it more professional :) Hope I helped a bit. Good luck! 🤞