What are you doing to pivot as an entrepreneur during COVID19?

Carlos Gil
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There’s no way to sugarcoat it: COVID-19 has caused me and countless entrepreneurs to reassess our business models in both the long and short term, and many of us have had to pivot in new directions. What are you doing to pivot as an entrepreneur during COVID19?


Tamar Rucham
My product aims to help parents in managing children's schedules. I was about to release when COVID19 started and since I was focusing on drop offs and pick ups suddenly it became irrelevant. So I updated my product to allow parents to manage children's time at home as well. I hope this can help parents navigate these complicated times since suddenly everyone's home and a new balance needs to be founded.
Susan Burton
We have created a new feature to help parents starting school for the first time meet other parents. We're calling it the Friendship Bench App
Saajan Jain
I run a performance marketing agency & lot of my clients are in e-commerce selling physical products online. Due to lockdown, they have completely paused our retainers hence only some clients are live. Taking the time in hand, I worked on a side project of launching a webinar course on 'Facebook Ads Targeting' & took it live yesterday. Would love to get some feedback. Link: https://gumroad.com/l/aZmeh
Amir Lahav
We made ImportFeed free to anyone in need. If you know businesses who're looking to serve their clients remotely, we'll be happy to help them. https://www.importfeed.com/covid...
Akshay Nagpal
I am working on a social initiative - SafeSlot. Our team wants to allow stores to restore their businesses to full swing while helping the country fight COVID. We want to provide them with the required technology that can help them ease their business practices. Our website currently allows stores to registers and provide limited capacity time slots to its customers. Moreover, customers can pre-order and pick-up their order. For businesses like salons, banks, hospitals, etc, we have come up with digital contactless tokens. None of the businesses has to spend a single penny to use our services. http://bit.ly/SafeSlotPitchDeck
Vaibhav Namburi
We've expanded our product to include SaaS and eCommerce companies. Make it easier for them to run their business and understand their numbers. Calling it...wait for it... Cenario for SaaS & eCommerce 😂 Creative I know...https://cenario.co - if you're keen to check it out and give some feedback
Deepanshu Pal
We've been building an Android app specifically for positive news. The idea was to provide users with positive stories amidst this pandemic wherein most of the content we consume is negative. It's an MVP currently. If you like the experience, do share! We're looking to impact as many people as we can through positive content. Check it out! Had it up in just 6 days. 🚀 Link: http://bit.ly/quokodownloadapp
Zachary Green
@deepanshupal i love this idea. Do you think you would find a lot of optimists using the app?
Deepanshu Pal
@zachary_green2 thank you so much. That's the idea. It's been a week since the launch on Playstore and we haven't done any kind of marketing apart from exploiting our personal contacts and have already crossed 500+ downloads on Playstore with 70+ reviews and a 4.9 rating. We're really amped that people are loving Quoko. We're looking for ways to spread this cause to a greater audience to serve its purpose. Let me know if you have any suggestions or can help to spread the word? Leaving my LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deep...
Antoine Mace
We at https://funapero.com are currently partnering with companies to create fun AfterWork whilst being in lockdown or working remotely. Checkout our PH post we actually launch today on the platform!
Good question. I am working on a work from home methodology to help people make the transition from the traditional office to their home office. I've been interviewing people for the past year to get a better understanding (top pain points) to where the challenges lie and I wrote a booklet to address what the top ones are so far. I'm hoping this will get people inspired to change their mindset around working from home and see it as an opportunity to better enjoy the way they work :)
Miznee Digital Health Testing
We have re-focused our two key products to align more closely with telemedicine. Both our remote diagnostic imaging product and our health self-assessment product were originally planned for telemedicine. However, we realised quickly that the appetite for implementing telemedicine was very weak. So we pivoted and planned for direct consumer use. However, the current pandemic has caused those organizations that were previously reluctant to take up telemedicine (including health insurance companies) to now start climbing on the telemedicine band-wagon. So we are on our second pivot (basically back to plan A) now the time appears to be right, we are actually going to launch our products finally!