After the news of Joe Rogan signing an exclusive deal with Spotify, how will this change things?

Cameron Stack
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Joe Rogan is moving his podcast exclusively to Spotify by the end of the year. Spotify has made huge strides in the podcasting industry lately. The video version of the JRE is also rumored to be moving exclusively to Spotify. Putting this in context: Google (owners of Youtube) are actively planning to migrate Google Play Music to Youtube Music by the end of the year. Spotify most likely knows of Google's plan to consolidate audio and video streaming and plans aim right for the jugular. What do you think?


Alex  Matei
I think Spotify aims to become not only one of the biggest music streaming service, but to become of the biggest podcasts streaming platform. Having the center of both music and podcasts on their platform gives them a lot of opportunities, especially with the podcast trend nowadays. Anyway, I think this will be convenient for users to have their favorite music and favorite podcasts on the same platform. If Joe Rogan starts to stream his podcasts on Spotify, I guess this will make other big podcasters to make the same move.
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