Do you think that after COVID it will change the way of traveling?

Kirill Kamanin
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As far as practically all the spheres are now digitalised the travel industry and excursions is maybe the last one which is still in the Stone Age. According to the situation and the crisis people now people are really spoiled with the delivery services with other digitalised services and after covid they will spend less money on travel especially on excursions. Nowadays we all have travel bloggers who provide interesting information, but will it all be still relevant. Will people order excursions, will they fly business, or the growth of low cost companies will rise to the sun....What your ideas about future of travel?


Chandramouli Kothandaraman
I don't think there will be a fundamental shift with respect to travel industry. In the new normal world is taking about, people will be more aware and well equipped from COVID learnings. That said, for an year atleast, people will be more cautious and would like to avoid visiting places till some sort of stability is established i.e. a vaccine or good remedial measures are found. Till such time the slump is expected to continue but the world will return to its normal state without doubt.
Amber Hunt
Definitely, my answer is yes! Of course there will be changes. In the protection of society, disinfection and much more. I really like traveling. I planned to go to Las Vegas. This is my dream. I love this beautiful city, good drink and a casino. Now online games are helping me. My online casino which helps me travel to the world of my favorite hobby. It saves me a lot of being calm and making money for future trips.