I'm not a maker, but I have an idea, where do I start?

Peter Goudswaard
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I am involved in a few non-profits, and one of the methodologies that we use for planning has never been to my knowledge translated into a software product. This methodology is used around the world. It is a paper-based planning method (or whiteboard, or sticky notes, you get the idea). However I've never seen software that (1) can do this or (2) can be adapted to do this, but it shouldn't be too difficult to implement. Right now I don't want to give the idea away, as it requires a unique feature that no other planning software has (that I am aware of). Please bear with my ignorance here. I do know that a traditional route would simply be to hire a team to develop this software. I'm wondering if there is an alternative approach? I believe that once a potential partner sees the idea, they'll also see the excellent marketable potential in it, as it would be the only software of its kind with no competitors, with an established world-wide user base. So what I'm thinking is, I would like to have this software developed. Is it common to have software developed as a profit-sharing endeavor? For example, if a developer sees commercial potential in this software, I manage the direction of the development and take say 25% of any eventual profit while the developer takes 75% (for example)? I would be willing to provide a non-disclosure agreement to present the idea to interested parties. Bonus karma if you've ever been involved in a situation like this. Kind regards (and go easy on me!) :)
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