Looking for a co-founder

G Moorthy
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What is the best website to find a co-founder? Actually, I am looking for a co-founder for my upcoming dating application. We are planning to launch before Jan' 2020. I am looking for someone who is having expertise in fundraising (or) user onboarding. I am trying to get the co-founder with the above expertise.


Where do you live? In my city there are special meetups I can find on meetup.com, local startup hubs and co working spaces and even Facebook groups that are specifically focused on finding co founders. Alternatively, spending time where people with your skills hang out - LinkedIn, Twitter, etc - would be another way to find one. That said, this is a big decision. If I were in your shoes I'd try to pick someone I know fairly well/have worked with before.
@abadesi We are 7 member team based out of Bangalore, India. We already got a successful seed fund ( We are valued with 1.17 million in the seed round). We are planning to launch our app by January '20 We thought to find co-founder from US to take care of the company registration and fundraising.