Do you have informal advisors?

Jānis Kiršteins
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I came across advice ( about having informal advisors that you reach out to periodically for advice/feedback. Does anybody do this here, or have a perspective on this? Are your advisors people you know in real life, and if not - how did you find them and reach out to them?


Rhona Aylward
Yes, we have a group of informal advisers that we contact on an ad hoc basis. We know all of them in real life & they consist of our accountant, lawyer, business coach and trusted business owners. It works really well for us, we did consider having a formal advisory board, but in all honesty, we're too small for that at the moment and the costs are prohibitive at this time.
Rhona Aylward
@janis_kirsteins Yes, it's well worth doing. We've had loads of really good advice and they've introduced us to people who've ended up becoming customers.