Any tips on launching a SaaS product?

Justin Rockmore
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I'm working on my first [true] start-up venture and I've hit a bit of a cross-roads. After tons of user testing, discussion, and feedback I'm pretty confident I've designed an MVP but I don't have the dev. skills to build it. 1) Should I start looking for a dev. (Any thoughts on the best ways to find a good fit? or 2) Build a landing page, share it, prove the model by getting people to sign up and then move forward?


Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾
Learn how to build it your self is the way to go. U can learn to code or just use no code tools to build your mvp :)
Alex Barlow
You may have done this already, be brutal with your MVP; cut it down to a single feature or subset that appeals to your target users, Roadmap the rest. 1. Get some landing pages up and start running marketing experiments - get people onto a waiting list. 2. Don't jump in the deepened and start developing the best possible version. Get it into the hands of your users as fast as possible! 3. Get a friend to advise on tech, so many pitfalls, so many ways to burn cash. Build your knowledge up quickly. As @Ryzal Yusoff 🇬🇧🇲🇾 said learn. Don't jump into it blindly. It's all mindset from now, keep it simple iterate fast. Finally many amazing people have been on this journey already. Read, then read some more. 'The Mom Test' is a gem for starters.