Hi Makers! A Poll.

Amit Jugran
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Would you be willing to offer some of your time (say 10-20% of your work-time) and expertise/professional services for FREE to individuals and startups that are economically impacted by covid-19 situation?


Co-founder @Wremia
I like helping people but to be honest I'm even not sleeping 😊 If you ask this question here, to startup founders and workers, probaby they do not that much time also. Instead I could even prefer donating some money them to hire freelancers
Transformation Consultant @Ericsson
@ozhanatali I appreciate the honest answer :). I agree if you dont have time then how do u spend more. But i guess it depends on person to person. I have time in hand as couple of my projects got cancelled. But fortunately i am well covered. But many other people r not so fortunate. So i am helping couple of people, who lost their jobs, help restart their career.
Co-founder @Wremia
@amit_jugran don't get me wrong it's only about my personal case of course, otherwise i appreciate all the people on the way you think , that's how it should be by my ideology off course 👍 Then I'll follow you in case if we may need some help 😊 keep safe
Transformation Consultant @Ericsson
@ozhanatali No judgements @ozhanatali :).