Would you guys be interested in seeing and getting to vote on decisions at another startup?

John Peters
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What do you guys think? Love to hear any thoughts in the comments. For context / background, we just launched our website (amberjack.shop - shoe company), and would love to get people involved in the process before launch. Some of our advisors think this is a cool idea, some think it's stupid :). We figured why not at least try and see how it goes. ......To that end, please share your honest thoughts. FYI - if you want to skip the signup on our website, just go straight to amberjack.shop/insider
Yes - as long as it's simple and legit
Maybe - depends on which startup
No - I've got enough on my plate already


Thanks in advance for any feedback!
Just had a quick look at your website - it looks really clean! Personally, I like the transparency and the timeline. Possible clients won't be kept guessing (as long as you stick to the plan). Never hurts to get feedback directly! Getting people to share their preferences can be part of the marketing process before you receive preorders next year.
@mdyfong Thanks Mandy! Appreciate the encouragement! That's the idea - to get people involved in some of the decision making which is great for us because it helps understand what people are excited about, and hopefully something they find interesting as well.
@mdyfong My only fear is it comes off as wishy-washy, whereas you'd rather have a company tell you they're doing something great. As opposed to asking for input....But i guess that's the risk :)